Indre has a rich and reassuring landscape in the heart of France. We remain under the charm of woods, rivers, the thousand ponds and bocages. Also under the charm of its architectural heritage with hundreds of manor houses and castles (16 of them classified, 44 registered and 15 listed at the Cultural Heritage general inventory).

Indre is a charactered country, often delighting. It’s quality of life deserves to stay a little.
In Châteauroux surroundings, you will find exceptional sites such as : Castle of Valençay, House of George Sand, Museum and site of Argentomagus, Gargilesse-Dampierre and Saint Benoît du Sault, listed within the most beautiful villages of France.
Natural lovers can observe the abondanced fauna and flora in the natural reserve of Brenne “Pays des Mille Etangs”. In Brenne, there is life everywhere for the one who knows how to stop, listen to and watch.

Every year, a large programme of festivities goes through the Indrian Region. Some of them have national and even international fame.

Near the Relais Saint-Jacques, visit Indre and you’ll find the theater M.A.CH. 36 (2 minutes).